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Interior Painting

With interior painting, our goal is to get in and out quickly while doing a top-quality, long lasting job. We do extensive prep work and are careful to make sure that paint only goes where you want it and nowhere else. For interior painting, we’re able to do everything from a single room to an entire home and everything in between. Whether you need an interior painter in Invercargill or Southland, […]
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From small repairs to wallpapering an entire house, we can do it all. Our team can do minor repairs on existing wallpaper (when it’s possible to do so) or redo entire sections. We have a variety of wallpaper on hand for different wall types we can supply if needed too that are suited for different wall types. Learn more about our wallpapering service by clicking the button below.
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Interior Plastering

Through interior plastering, also known as gib-stopping, we can plaster new walls or do plastering repairs for existing walls. We’ll work quickly and effectively and aim to be in and out fast while providing dependable results. See more ways our interior plastering can help you by clicking the button below.
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Spray Painting

Spray paint guns are one of the latest advances in painting that allow for quick, even applications of paint to a variety of surfaces including fences, sheds, doors, home exteriors, and much more. We use top-quality paint brands for our spray painting just like with our Interior and Exterior painting. Learn more on our service page by clicking the button below. 
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Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting service covers whole house painting but can also be done on other structures you’d like painted such as sleepouts. For exterior painting we use top name brands for durable, long-lasting, and outstanding results. Click below to find out more about our Exterior Painting service.
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Light Commercial

We can do any of our painting or decorating services for light commercial buildings. As we have a small, dedicated team, we’re best for commercial decorating smaller projects, but get in touch with us if you have us in mind for one of your commercial projects.  For more information about what we can do for light commercial buildings, click the button below.

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